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Here you can find the latest News, Infos, Social Media or other eGGciting stuff you need to know about our NFTeGG Surprise Series #1 iClops.

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Buy and Collect your favorite iClops and Gimmicks.
Boost them for even more yields as you collect and Farm
Collect more and Farm even more!
Check our Docs for the full iClops overview.


Sweet World Book of Clovers


Most commonly found curled up in a Pizza box, usually as a result of having eaten said Pizza. Partial to Pepperoni and Pickle, this Puss is the craziest cat you could ever wish to meet. Very friendly unless you want to eat him.

Sweet World Candy Invites


The meanest, nastiest and naughtiest of all the iClops is LuciClops. Always playing tricks on his fellow monsters this guy is the very essence of Mischief! Like’s roast cat… yeah, he’s that mean!

Sweet World Candy Gifts


Rumour has it that this little fella was the very first iClopian discovered, giving the iClopians their name. A happy soul he is always there with a snappy one liner or tasteful joke. Watches far too much TV.

Sweet World Candy Shop


This mellow fellow is a star among the crowd. He wanders around a lot, dancing to tunes in his head and occasionally saying “Far Out Man!” before wiggling off on another rhythm quest. Loves chemicals….

Fantastic New NFT Attributes!

Rare Item C4


Every hatched eGG item has a Power Value. This is your main indicator for your iClops/items Staking reward. More Power = More Reward.
Rare Item C4 Staking Booster

Staking Booster

With this eGGciting and eGGsclusive mechanic, you can not only change your NFT picture but your item gets a 50% Staking Reward boost in your Farm too!
Bio-Hazzard Barrel


Every hatched eGG item gets a $Fame Attribute, created at random and in an eGGstraordinary way. Right now a mystical number, but its importance will be revealed to all very soon!

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